NJ101.5 has partnered with local animal rescue organizations EASEL Animal Rescue League, Sammy’s Hope and Jersey Girls Animal Rescue to feature adoptable local pets in need of homes.

Help us find these pets homes by sharing this information with family members and friends who may be interested in adopting a shelter pet.

Adopt Scooter

Scooter (Photo Courtesy of Sammy's Hope)

It’s unanimous! Every shelter cat, shelter employee and Sammy’s Hope volunteer voted, and 100 percent of them say Scooter is class clown. At just about 5-months-old, this funny boy has clearly made it his mission in life to bring laughter into everyone’s life. Even confined to his small kennel, Scooter can perform feats of acrobatics that would make an Olympic gymnast proud. Just to look at him – with those big, bright green eyes and half-mustache – brightens everyone’s day. Adopt our little clown, and we guarantee a home filled with smiles and laughter!

If you're interested in meeting Scooter or fostering/adopting him, please email us at cats@sammyshope.org. You can download a PDF copy of the adoption application form here or you can see more adoptable cats from Sammy’s Hope here.

Adopt Hondo

Hondo (Photo Courtesy of EASEL)

Hondo is a young, sweet boy with an exuberant personality. He is an American Staffordshire terrier mix between 1-to-2-years old. He loves to meet people and other dogs. He gets along well with other dogs, both big and small, and has made many friends at adoption events. Hondo doesn't know many commands, but he tries very hard to learn. Currently he's learning how to walk on a leash, and listens very well to correction. He makes eye contact and understands when he is being asked to slow down, or stop at a crosswalk. Hondo makes everyone he meets smile and laugh with his affectionate nature and aim to please.

If you're interested in learning more about Hondo or to schedule a visit, email dogs@easelnj.org. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable dogs, puppies here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Blue

Blue (Photo Courtesy of Jersey Girls Animal Rescue)

Blue is about a year old. He is neutered and up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. He gets along very well with other dogs.  He is afraid of cats, but in a submissive way. This sweetheart would make a great addition to a loving home.

For more information about adopting Blue, email jerseygirlsanimalrescue@gmail.com. Find more of Jersey Girls Animal Rescue's adoptable dogs here.

Adopt Harrison

Harrison (Photo Courtesy of Sammy's Hope)

Six-year-old Harrison is an American Staffordshire terrier mix who is a remarkable dog. He arrived at the Edison Animal Shelter in March as a stray. Since we don't know anything about his background, we can only speculate what Harrison has been through in his life.His ears are severely cropped, and several of his teeth have been filed down and extracted. He has torn ligaments in both knees which will require corrective surgery.  Despite this he gets around amazingly well and is always game for a walk with friends.

Before his surgery can be performed, we need to be sure he has a foster or foster-to-adopt family to care for him while he recuperates from surgery. Each leg will be operated on separately and he will require six to nine months of recovery. He should be the only animal in his foster home, to avoid any anxiety and stress during his recuperation.

Harrison’s past traumas has left him with an extreme phobia of other dogs. Behind a fence, where he seems to feel safer, Harrison will go nose-to-nose, give kisses and wag his tail. However, when on leash, he exhibits extreme fear and anxiety.

Despite these things, Harrison has managed to retain an enthusiastic and joyful spirit. People are immediately drawn to him and Harrison is visibly delighted as they approach. He greets them with kisses and excited body language, wiggling all over. Harrison passed his temperament and behavioral testing toward people with flying colors. He loves to cuddle, loves to be near people, and adores affection of all kinds. Harison certainly deserves to lead the rest of his life in comfort.

If you are interested in meeting Harrison or fostering/adopting him, please email us at info@sammyshope.org. You can download a PDF copy of the application form here or you can see more adoptable dogs from Sammy’s Hope here.

Adopt Cookie

Cookie (Photo Courtesy of EASEL)

Cookie is a beautiful sweet tiger tabby who is a bit shy, but has come a long way. She is very interested in what is going on, and loves to be petted. Once in a patient, calm and loving home, she is sure to reach her potential.

To schedule a visit to meet Cookie, please email kitty@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable cats and kittens here, or download a PDF copy of the application form here.