In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting at the end of last week, Garden State parents are voicing concerns about school safety in New Jersey.

First Funerals Held For Victims Of CT School Massacre (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

Officials are insisting there are strong programs and protocols in place – including metal detectors and armed guards in some schools – to make sure our kids are protected.

Dr. Ron Coughlin, the President of the New Jersey Violence Prevention Institute, says “we offer a very good approach to safety in our schools- I think our schools are doing a great job in providing security, in being aware, teaching our students what to do that will help stop an event if it starts to occur.”

He stresses however, that all of these security measures “won’t prevent events, that’s not going to happen.”

Dr. Coughlin says if someone is intent on killing others, and him or herself, then “it doesn’t matter what is in his or her way – they will risk everything, they will not think about personal safety – they will drive forward to hurt whoever they blame.”

He says to get at the root of the problem, and minimize the chances of someone losing control and going berserk, we need to expand access to mental health counseling in Jersey and across the nation.