A group of New Jersey parents, supported by the American Civil Liberties Union, says students' graduations shouldn't hinge on the Common-Core aligned PARCC and other standardized tests — at least for now.

The suit, filed by the Education Law Center, says the state should hold off on using PARCC as a graduation requirement until it adopts regulations under the New Jersey Administrative Procedure Act.

The suit alleges the state skirted the APA rules and process, directing schools with a series of memoranda to use PARCC as a graduation requirement in the just-starting school year — leaving parents in the dark about what's really required to graduate.

PARCC hasn't gone through the several years of "due notice" testing that other exams did before they became graduation requirements, the suit says.

"Due process and fundamental fairness requires, at minimum, that students be given timely and sufficient advance notice of the requirements for obtaining a high school diploma," the suit states.

Four parents and a grandparent are plaintiffs in the suit.

The lawsuit is below: