The latest NJ Transit delays are absolutely outrageous. Really shows how vulnerable we are as commuters.

What if a tunnel is damaged in a similar accident?  What about the steady aging of the trains and tracks?  How is it possible that the politicians on both sides are ignoring the commuter crisis?  $400 million budgeted and they're going to add a stop in north Brunswick?!? And a train to nowhere in Jersey City?

There's an election coming up in November. Transportation should be a top issue.

We took calls from listeners who said that instead of revamping the transit problem, maybe we should be looking at tax breaks to bring businesses over to this side of the river. Here's a great example in this Tweet:

I spoke with Dianne Doctor, Vice President and Station Manager of WWOR, who like many other NJ commuters, had to drive to work, because of the "holiday schedule," expressed her frustrations with the lack of intervention or help by our political leaders.

More from New Jersey 101.5:

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