As you know  there are plenty of law enforcement voices added to the chorus of professionals who think this is a bad idea for public safety.  The intent of the new procedure was to help the less fortunate who were accused of a crime.  The thinking was that it's not justice of a person has to stay in a jail cell only because they can't afford a $250 bail payment.  Of course as with all good intentions, something always goes wrong.

In the most recent case, a man accused of weapons and drug charges got out after about a week and then was arrested again for shooting a gun at a home in Newark.  This prompted the Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose to weigh in and call out the new policy as a problem.

I say, longer sentences, more jail and no bail for anyone accused of a violent crime.  Gotta be better for public safety that what we have now.  #ThanksChristie

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