For years the Democrats have been trying to get a millionaire's tax passed in New Jersey and thankfully for years, Governor Christie has been able to stop it. Now it could end up on a referendum with the New Jersey voters deciding, Since most New Jersey voters overwhelmingly favor the millionaire’s tax, they would probably win the vote but lose in the long run.

Ever wonder how many jobs are created by millionaires? How much money millionaires donate to the various charities of New Jersey? While I don’t favor giving millionaires tax breaks, I definitely don’t think they should be penalized for their wealth. As the father of 5 year old twin boys, I’d like them to believe they can grow up to be millionaires and if that happens they shouldn’t be taxed because of their success. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor. It should be all of our responsibility to pay our fair share. The same way I wouldn’t take money from a rich uncle, we shouldn’t take money from the wealthy. We live in a capitalistic society in New Jersey and this goes completely against it.


What would happen if the millionaire left New Jersey and took their businesses with them? How many jobs would be lost? Yours perhaps? According to polls, most New Jersey voters favor the millionaire’s tax, ironically most New Jersey voters aren’t millionaires, just hard working people who I’d like to believe want to carry their own weight and not look for a handout. You should not be penalized for being successful. That’s exactly what a Millionaire’s tax would do.

Cue Hoboken native Frank Sinatra…”If you can make it here, we’ll tax you up the rear, it’s up to YOU , New Jersey New Jersey”.


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