South Jersey Marine Jarrod Haschert is ready to go to the Marine Ball with UFC fighter Ronda Rousey — but has yet to hear directly from her.

Jarrod Haschert (Caroline Haschert

Rousey accepted the Stratford native's invitation to the ball, which takes place in Maryland on Dec. 11, after a TMZ crew showed her the video.

Friday night the UFC's website posted an interview with Rousey in which she again accepts Haschert's invite and recounts how she came to say yes. "I accepted it. 4 million people already saw his request; that's a lot of peer pressure.  I'm really shy when it comes to accepting dates but 4 million people are telling me it's a good idea, maybe I should give it a shot." 

Rousey said she is looking forward to the Ball and if Haschert can get dates for her 3 friends that were with her when she accepted the invitation on TMZ "then we're already off to a good start."

Haschert's mother, Caroline, says she talks to her son daily and says he is "over the moon and beyond excited" that Rousey accepted his invitation. She revealed that it was Jarrod's roommate at Camp Lejuune in North Carolina that put him up to posting the video invitation. "He's always been a fan" and enjoyed watching her fights.

"The media has been calling looking for his number" and TMZ, which played the video for her and recorded her accepting his invitation also has his contacts, his mother said.

Caroline Haschert saysher son does not have a girlfriend. He told the Washington Post that he would hopes he and Rousey will get to spend some time together before the Ball to "just talk and hang out or whatever.”

Haschert joined the Marines after graduating Sterling High School in 2012.