We were shocked when we saw the video above — and so were people across the country.

This video helped police track down Ibn Hunter, the man they say is seen punching out a homeless woman at an Atlantic City park, and then boasting about it.

Atlantic City Police arrested Hunter, 25, in October and charged him with aggravated assault in the attack, which seemed to have been made by someone who knew Hunter. The video was shared widely online — and reportedly came to law enforcement's attention when a woman tagged the Press of Atlantic City in a copy, hoping it would help alert authorities.

In the video, the woman is seen sitting on a bench when Hunter walks up to her and starts a brief conversation. The video shows a man standing in front of the victim, waving his arms about and then striking the victim in the face with his closed fist, causing her to fall back, apparently unconscious.

"This is what happens when you say I ain't gonna smack you," the man in the video said, talking to the camera and pointing down at the woman.

The Press of Atlantic City caught up with Hunter's alleged victim, Emily Baccari, last month. She said she wishes people would remember her for something else other than being the woman punched out in the video.

She and people who know her told the paper of her fall into homelessness — struggling with alcoholism after a series of tragedies, including brain surgery, job losses and a fire that destroyed her home. She's been reluctant to accept help and is uncomfortable at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. She said she didn't like the AC park where she was attacked, because people often do heroin there.

“I’m not a bad person,” Baccari told the paper. “I guess I’m a needy person is what I am. I have been through a lot. I guess that’s my problem.”