I'm not sure what the most embarrassing story to come out of  Hopatcong New Jersey will be this year, but this one has gotta be close! On June 12th a 28-year old man, Jason Slater of Hopatcong , decided he'd kill some time by dialing 9-1-1 (no less than three times) and demanding to speak with New York Jets QB Tim Tebow !

He failed to fully explain his reasoning to dispatchers before hanging up.  Eventually, Jason decided he'd simply call the Hopatcong Police Department directly and identify himself as "The President” and again ask to speak directly with Tebow.

Finally (and here's the really embarrassing part) the police traced the calls to Slater’s mother’s house where officers proceeded to search for Mr. Slater.  They then found Jason...wait for it....in his mother’s closet underneath a pile of pillows. After being removed from his comfy pillow fort, Jason was arrested and charged with a host of crimes (none more serious I'm sure than impersonating The President of The United States).

I can only speculate that this is either another exaggerated case of “Tebowmania” or simply a rabid New York Jets fans idea of a new "pillow" offense, designed especially to suit Tim's new role as an NFL QB.