An undercover operation carried out by NJ State Police detectives led to the arrest of a North Brunswick man thought to be a repeat offender in several lewdness complaints going back to 2007.

Errinson Medrano, 33 was arrested by detectives Tuesday Sept. 11 around 9:30 p.m. after he was observed committing lewd acts on a bus en route to New York City, police say.

Medrano was charged with stalking, harassment and lewdness and is currently being held in the Middlesex County Jail on $20,000 bail.

Detectives were tipped off by a victim who reported a man committing an act of lewdness on a bus in Fall of 2011. The suspect was not identified at the time, but the same victim was on a bus from Rutgers University to New York City when she recognized the same suspect committing the lewd acts again on Thursday Sept. 9th. The victim then contacted police who set up the undercover surveillance operation.

After he was arrested, detectives found out that in 2007 Medrano was arrested for lewd acts while traveling the same bus route.

Anyone who has information that could help detectives in this investigation is asked to report to (609) 860-9000.