Hurricane Sandy continues to move up the east coast in our direction, and New Jersey residents are getting ready for Frankenstorm.

Malls and shopping centers across the Garden State were extra busy today, as folks were stocking up on all kinds of supplies.

Some shoppers on Route 1 were picking up flashlights and batteries, while others were buying food that doesn’t need refrigeration, including canned goods and water.

“We already got plenty of toilet paper and peanut butter” said one man, “so we’re ready to survive for a couple of days if we need to.”

His wife said she didn’t think the storm would be a big deal, and if it is, “We’ll hunker down and get through it.”

“Let’s hope they’re wrong,” said another shopper, “I’m really not looking forward to any flooding or power outages, but if it happens I guess we’ll have to deal with it.”

A man standing nearby said, “I’ll be spending the weekend getting in some of the patio furniture and putting away some things- make sure they can’t blow away.”

“I’m really hoping the storm isn’t too bad,” said another shopper, “Because if it is we’re going to have evacuate, because if we lose power we don’t have water.”

One woman, who was carrying several bags of cookies, donuts and a cake said, “ I guess it’s always good to have a little bit of junk food around – Halloween is coming up too, and you have to get ready now for that.”