Coinciding with Responsible Gaming Education Week, the New Jersey Lottery launches its annual "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" Awareness Campaign. It seeks to remind residents and Lottery retailers that state law prohibits the sale of lottery tickets by or to anyone under the age of 18.

"The NJ Lottery has a long-standing commitment to promoting responsible play and discouraging underage gambling of any kind," said Executive Director Carole Hedinger.

A special brochure has been distributed to each of the 6,400 registered Lottery retailer locations in the state, as well as the Lottery web site, providing information about the major types of teen betting and ways to recognize signs that could indicate problem gambling in teens.

Hedinger said the Lottery depends on retailers as their first line of defense against underage gaming. She said state law is strictly enforced, and violators could lose their Lottery retail license.

"We have spot checks, random checks. We have a security department that looks for those kinds of violations," she added.

Hedinger said their message seems to have been heard loud and clear over the years, as the Lottery constantly publicizes the game's age restrictions.