Where's the best location to hold the republican and democratic national Conventions in 2016?

Two Jersey politicians - from different political parties - believe the answer is right here in the Garden state.

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick says he and Newark Mayor Cory Booker have sent out a letter together to the national republican and democratic chairs - "we are highlighting Newark and the Prudential Center as the perfect arena and surrounding area to hold the 2016 national convention…we're hoping we get a positive response from either Chairperson, or the parties themselves."

He says "we think we want to highlight Newark now - and New Jersey - because we think that it's possible that we're not on the radar…New Jersey is trying to attract all kinds of business including convention business…we would truly like to highlight Newark - think about late night talk shows- comedians have ridiculed Newark - here's an opportunity to show them they're wrong and show people that New Jersey is on the move."

Bramnick adds "if you've been to the Arena or NJ PAC, you've seen how beautiful these facilities are - I think people would say wow I had no idea that this is in downtown Newark! And this is an effort that I've done on a bipartisan basis- which I think is a big deal - we both signed the same letter with the same words in it - there's a shock for you…maybe the democrats and republicans both want to come out - they can't come the same day so whoever calls first - they get it."

He also emphasizes having these Conventions would be a big benefit because "it's a number of thousands of people who would be coming into New Jersey - they'd be eating in our restaurants and staying in our hotels and motels -we'd be highlighted - we'd have national news coverage of New Jersey and that can't hurt the message we're sending - we'd like business to come to New Jersey."