The world's largest restaurant chain is now Subway.

Like national chain pizza places New Jerseyans would have to be really out of options to choose one of these. There are so many great sub/hoagie places in this state even local chains took a long time to catch on.

This kind of food comes from here. Why would we trust a national chain that has homogenized and "nationalized" these foods. Burgers? Sure. Chicken or hot dogs? Yeah, no problem, but subs? C'mon, really!

You've got Jersey Mike's Subs to the north and Primo's Hoagies to the south and thousands of independent places in between that Subway can't even be considered in the same league with. So it comes as a shock to most folks here that Subway could be that popular.

Yeah they make a good product and they've gotten their system and franchise down to a science, but it's like me going over to England and starting a fish'n chips joint and saying, "hey have some of this"! Probably in Nebraska or Kentucky it's pretty cool exotic fast food, but here, c'mon!

Congratulations anyway, Subway. It was started in Bridgeport Ct. in 1965 by a guy with an Italian last name, who probably had a cousin in Jersey and took the idea from here. Just sayin.

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