New Jersey highways are about to get a lot cleaner.  The Department of Corrections will provide 100 inmates to collect litter along highways throughout the state under the Department of Transportation's Clean Up NJ initiative. 

"The Christie Administration is working hard to attract and retain businesses and jobs, and our Clean Up NJ initiative advances that effort and benefits the environment by creating attractive and well-maintained travel routes for residents and visitors alike," said NJDOT Commissioner Jim Simpson.

The inmates will be in groups of ten and supervised by a corrections officer. 

"We are pleased to play a part in an effort that cleans up the environment and promotes economic growth while creating an opportunity for DOC inmates to benefit New Jersey communities and businesses," said NJDOC Commissioner Gay Lanigan.

Last year, inmates picked up 370,000 pounds of trash along the state's highways during a 20 week period.  This year, inmates are expected to work for at least ten weeks.