Since 1981, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey has been tackling the growing issue of brain injuries across the Garden State.


"We're dedicated to improving the quality of life people experience after brain injury," Spokesman Jon Kinsella said.

He estimates that between 12,000 to 15,000 New Jerseyans after affected by these types of injuries each year, 1000 of which are fatal. Over 175,0000 live with disabilities from brain injuries. The group aims to help as many of these cases as they can.

We pride ourselves on being the voice of brain injury in New Jersey, and we proudly serve over 10,000 New Jerseyans each year," he explained.

Kinsella says there are number of ways that the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey works to help these patients and their families.

"We've grown to become the primary source of information, education, advocacy, support and hope for people with brain injury and their families in New Jersey."

They just recently held their annual Camp Trek program. Other ways they help is by hosting support groups, seminar outreach, and social recreation events.

Another major initiative is the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey's Champions Schools Program, where they partner with the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company to promote safe teen driving ever year. This year, NJM invested more than $700,000 to provide driving simulators to all 55 New Jersey high schools that participated in the contest.

Kinsella says one hurdle that makes brain injuries tough to pinpoint is that fact that many symptoms are not always visible, which makes awareness that much more important.

"Brain injuries refer to the silent epidemic because public recognition is extremely low."

Learn more about the group by visiting their website and Facebook page.

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