While campaigning for re-election, legislative Democrats promised to work on job creation and the economy, but top-tier Assembly Republicans say those same Democrats have since abandoned that pledge.

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (Facebook)

GOP Assembly members are now blasting the Democrats, claiming their priorities are out of whack.

"In October and November, the Democrats ran on a simple message: more jobs and bipartisanship," said Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield). "During this lame-duck session, the Democrats are using their majority to impose more regulation on business which would hurt the economy."

As just two examples of Democrats being unfriendly to business, Republicans cite a Democrat-sponsored measure to ban employers from asking about a job applicant's criminal history, and another to prohibit employers from asking for a credit report.

"Let me make it simple," said Bramnick. "If you're going to campaign on jobs, then create jobs. If they spend time in the lame-duck (session) dealing with the economy, then they've met the needs of the voters of New Jersey."

Led by Bramnick, a group of GOP Assembly members held a press conference Monday where they said the legislature should be focused on tax cuts, encouraging municipal consolidation and shared services, job creation and ending huge end-of-career payouts to public workers for their unused sick and vacation days.

"The Republicans have voted time and time again against middle-class tax relief and job creation bills," said Tom Hester, a spokesman for the Assembly Democrats. "This is simply the same old rhetoric from a group that was just soundly rejected by the voters."