A little more than 24 hours before the full Assembly is scheduled to vote on dozens of bills, Republican leaders gathered at the State House to blast Democrats for not posting tax cut legislation.

From Left to Right: Assembly Republican Whip Scott Rumana, Assembly Conference Leader Dave Rible and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick. (Kevin McArdle)

Just after noon today, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick, Conference Leader Dave Rible and Republican Whip Scott Rumana held a press conference to discuss the Republican legislative priorities, including urging the Assembly to take up the tax relief legislation commonly referred to as the “Tax Relief for New Jersey Families Act.” They also want a vote on a bill to eliminate payouts to public workers for unused sick and vacation days.

“We need to light a fire underNew Jersey’s economy by delivering relief to taxpayers,” says Bramnick. “Unfortunately, Thursday’s Assembly board list does not include any bills that address the number issue on the public’s mind.”

Bramnick says under the bi-partisan tax relief bill, the average homeowner would save an estimated $775 when the legislation is fully enacted. Renters would receive an additional $250, and wage earners participating in the Earned Income Tax Credit Program would benefit by an extra $550.

Rible says, “After returning from summer recess, the Assembly must place policies such as cutting taxes and helping small businesses and manufacturers as its top priorities.”

“Democrats have been stonewalling us on unused sick leave reform and tax relief legislation all year,” claims Rumana.

Democrats have consistently said they will approve a tax cut next year, but only if revenues match Governor Chris Christie’s projections. A spokesman for Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver says, "As the people of New Jersey want and expect, the Assembly Democrats will continue to be fiscally responsible and prudent.”