Settlements and judgments obtained by the State in 2011 included $53 million from lawsuits related to alleged consumer, securities and other fraud, $42 million through environmental litigation and $20 million via lawsuits related to debt recovery according to State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa.

”Our civil enforcement attorneys continue to do an excellent job of upholding New Jersey’s laws and protecting the State’s assets,” explains Chiesa. “The judgments and settlements obtained through litigation last year are important, particularly during these challenging fiscal times.”

Among the judgments obtained by Division of Law attorneys in 2011 was a significant one against defendant Casey Properties of Montville in a civil mortgage fraud case. The Casey Properties matter involved a bogus mortgage and investment scam that encompassed approximately 70 properties and affected 35 consumers. Division lawyers obtained a combined $14.7 million judgment against the principal defendants.

Another big case in 2011 involved a settlement with three companies the State alleged were responsible for discharging chromium waste at more than 100 industrial sites in Hudson County. Under a consent order, the three companies must pay the State $15 million to fund past site remediation costs, and to complete work on contaminated sites that have not yet been remediated.

Division of Law Director Christopher Porrino, says, “We will continue to pursue monetary and other relief in cases where New Jerseyans have been defrauded or taken advantage of, the State's resources have been compromised, or government programs have been abused.”