Motorists are seeing slightly higher prices at the pumps again in New Jersey.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular gasoline in New Jersey on Friday was $3.35, up 5 cents from last week.

Lowest Gas Prices in New Jersey
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Meanwhile, the national average price also rose 3 cents to $3.39. However, that's much lower than the national average from a year ago, which was $3.65.

This marks the second straight week that gas prices have increased in New Jersey.

Crude oil prices finished the week up at $87.03 a barrel.

“Recent price increases at the pump have motorists wondering if this is a minor hiccup or can we expect gas prices to rise through the summer,” said Tracy E. Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Don’t be surprised if prices rise through July, just as they did last July when prices rose 17 cents a gallon. Yet even with the increase, gas prices remain 26 cents a gallon lower than this time last year."

Noble predicts prices will fall again in August barring hurricanes or international event.