Although it is spring, unseasonably warm temperatures move into our region today and for much of the work week.

Average temperatures for this time of year is about 60 degrees. We are expected to reach 10 to 20 degrees above normal temperatures this week.

Why? The jet stream over New Jersey is fairly zonal, giving us pleasant weather, also cold air is plummeting south in western United States. Because of this, warm temperatures are moving north from the Gulf of Mexico into the eastern United States.

Cold Front on the Way

Unseasonably warm temperatures are expected through Wednesday, a cold front is expected to move through our area Wednesday night into Thursday.

Although this cold front will not give us frigid weather, we will see significantly cooler temperatures. Temperatures will return to normal, near 60 degrees. I believe last week was the last week that we will experience below freezing temperatures overnight.

Come Friday, a strong low pressure system will move through our region and give us some rain. A stronger cold front is associated with this system as temperatures will slightly decrease again for this upcoming weekend.