A Sussex County EMS official with deep ties to his community was responding to a crash involving his own 19-year-old daughter when he suffered a fatal heart attack Saturday, according to multiple reports.

Emergency squads were mourning the sudden death of Eskil Scott Danielson — known as Scott — a member of Lakeland Emergency Squad and a member of the Andover Council.

"The impact that Scott Danielson has had on emergency services in this area is immeasurable. But maybe, just maybe, when he shows up as trending on Facebook we can begin to grasp just how truly lucky we all were to work with a man who made such a difference," posted the Lakeland Emergency Squad on their Facebook page.

Danielson, 49, was responding to a call for the accident on Route 206 in Byram on Saturday afternoon, LeHighValleyLive.com reported. He learned his daughter, Alycia, was the victim, and helped treat her and another other occupant of the vehicle, Andover Township Police Chief Eric Danielson, Scott Danielson's brother, told the publication.

They went to the Newton Medical Center for treatment for her injuries, and Scott Danielson suffered a heart attack in the emergency room, Eskil "Skip" Danielson told the New Jersey Herald. Scott Danielson was flown to Morristown Medical Center, where he died, according to the reports.

Danielson's daughter has since been discharged from Newton, LeHighValleyLive.com reported.

According to his Facebook page he was also a road supervisor for the borough of Andover, a co-ordinator for the Office of Emergency Management and a Lieutenant for Warren County Public Safety. He also served as chief for Lackland.

Funeral services have not yet been announced.

Social media was also full of condolences and memories about Danielson.

Very numb. A great friend and HAZMAT member Scott Danielson has passed away today. Scott was an asset to the Counties...

Posted by Tom Nigro on Saturday, January 16, 2016

To say I am saddened by the loss of Captain Scott Danielson is a complete understatement. I met Scott 28 years years...

Posted by Gina Bremer on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our deepest condolences to our neighbors in New Jersey on the sudden, unexpected death of Capt. E Scott Danielson. I...

Posted by Pike Firepage on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Found out sad news tonight that a family friend Scott Danielson has passed away. He was a very kind man that made...

Posted by Jessica Scanlon on Saturday, January 16, 2016

The impact that Scott Danielson has had on emergency services in this area is immeasurable. But maybe, just maybe, when...

Posted by Lakeland Emergency Squad on Monday, January 18, 2016

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