New Jersey residents now have a handy new way to find out about crime in their community, or any other town in the state.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

"They can look at what their town has submitted to us - reporting some of those basic index crimes, such as auto theft, and assault, simple assault, aggravated assault, the overall crime index including the violent crime versus the non-violent crime" according to New Jersey State Police Lut. Steven Jones.

He stresses the information is raw and unvetted, sent to NJSP from the towns, so if there are any errors or under-reporting, it may get corrected down the line.

So Why Make The Data Public?

The Lut. Says the idea of putting this information online is to make sure "we're being as responsive as possible to the needs of the community, and this is one way that we can push information out as soon as we get it."

To view the report, you can visit the New Jersey State Police website and search under Crime Reports.