Gov. Chris Christie is lashing out at the state Supreme Court for finding he lacked authority to abolish the Council on Affordable Housing.

The governor accuses the court of blindly perpetuating a "failed experiment in housing." And Christie describes the chief justice's decision as an activist and arrogant opinion that's the product of a liberal Supreme Court.

“Both elected branches of government approved the plan to eliminate COAH," Christie said in a statement. "Not surprisingly, this liberal Supreme Court once again ignores that and continues to blindly perpetuate its failed social experiment in housing. The Chief Justice's activist opinion arrogantly bolsters another of the failures he and his colleagues have foisted on New Jersey taxpayers. This only steels my determination to continue to fight to bring common sense back to New Jersey's judiciary.”

The Council on Affordable Housing was set up to enforce state court rulings that New Jersey towns have an obligation to provide housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

In a 5-2 decision Wednesday, the court said Christie exceeded his authority when he decided to shut down the council and transfer its key functions to officials who report to him.

For now, the housing council will remain intact.