WAYNE — Red-faced Passaic County officials have vowed to make sure that their publicly owned golf courses remain family friendly after a New York TV station caught barely-clothed "strippers" cavorting with grabby golfers on the Preakness Valley Golf Course.

Undercover cameras from NBC New York caught the women strutting their stuff and letting players grab their assets, sometimes within plain sight of the surrounding residential streets. In one clip, a man is seen burying his face between a woman's breasts.

See the video clip below, or click here.

The raunchy golf outing was sponsored by the Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club of Paterson, which the TV report said had been implicated in a prostitution investigation last year.

The sponsor claimed the $195-per-person charity outing benefited at least two law enforcement organizations. Cops were offered a discount.

Passaic County Administrator Anthony De Nova told the station that something like this was "easy for it to happen" if the organizers are not upfront about what they intended to do.

"What they did on the course that is the problem," De Nova said. "It's going to be the last time."

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