In New Jersey this November, the Governor’s office and all 120 seats of the Legislature are all up for grabs. Democratic and Republican county parties have raised more than they did two years ago, but not as much as they did four years before.

According to the latest reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), county party committees reported a combined $1.6 million in cash reserves, $170,034 more than they indicated three months ago. The amount is $182,879 more than the two parties reported at the same point two years ago during another legislative election year, but nearly $86,373 less than their combined cash reserves four years ago.

“Cash-on-hand generally is considered the best barometer of a fundraising committee’s ‘firepower’ because it shows how much remains for new campaign spending,’’ said Jeff Brindle, ELEC’s Executive Director. “Candidates and parties usually try to save as much as possible for the final two months of the campaign.”

As of today, Democratic county party committees have raised and spent more money. They also report more cash reserves, but Republicans have a larger net worth.

“County parties clearly are gearing up for the November 5 elections,’’ explained Brindle. “They need to raise and save all they can in coming weeks so they can help their candidates be in the best position to win.”