DUMONT — A police officer will receive $275,000 in a settlement after suing the borough, claiming his so-called "antagonistic" stance in union negotiations cost him at least one promotion.

A copy of settlement posted online by the NJ Civil Settlements blog over the weekend is missing several pages. The blog's author, government transparency advocate John Paff, said he's trying to obtain the missing pages and update his post.

Dumont agreed to an installment plan to repay its insurance company $65,580.57 of rht $275,000 settlement.

In the available pages of the lawsuit, Dumont Sgt. Joseph Rizza claims Chief Joseph L. Faulborn refused to recommend him for promotion because he was "'antagonistic' over the past 10 years" in his role as a participant of Policeman's Benevolent Association Local 377. Rizza serves as the grievance officer for the PBA, tasked with bringing grievances against management to the borough.

According to the lawsuit, Rizza has been a police officer for 27 years, and a sergeant for 10. According to state pension records, he makes a salary of $141,448.

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