A bill designed to ensure consumers who are entitled to a manufacturer’s rebate actually get their check was approved today by a Senate panel. It sponsored in the Assembly by Democrats John Burzichelli, Wayne DeAngelo and Paul Moriarty. The full Assembly has already passed the measure.

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“Some rebate refunds or payments have been mailed to customers as little checks attached to postcards,” says Burzichelli. “Refunds and payments sent in this way could easily be lost or stolen, or even confused for junk mail.”

The bill would require manufacturers, retailers or third-party rebate clearinghouses to mail rebate checks to consumers in a sealed, clearly identifiable envelope.

Moriarty explains, “Requiring checks to be mailed in clearly marked and sealed envelopes will ensure that consumers don’t lose the opportunity to receive their rebate. Let’s make sure consumers get the money they deserve.”

“Some manufacturers continue to mail-out rebate checks to consumers in extremely unsafe methods ways that open the system up to fraud and theft,” adds DeAngelo. “This is money that deserves to be in consumers’ pockets.”