New Jersey CEOs feel the economy is improving and the state is headed in the right direction, according to the latest C-Suite survey released this month.

That strengthened optimism can also be seen in businesses hiring plans this year.

Forty-two percent said they anticipate hiring additional workers in the next twelve months.

"We're hopeful that trend will continue and we hope that we see better demand for both businesses and consumers to buy more products and services," said Phil Kirschner, President ot the New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

He said over 40% also expect to add to their local employment base this year.

"We have created about 70,000 private sector jobs in the last two years and that trend is on the up and up so we are optimistic that it will continue," said Kirschner.

Thirty-five percent of businesses also expect to increase their capital spending this year.

"The outlook for the remainder of the year looks very promising, people are spending more, companies are growing and adding more workers and the economy is slowly improving," added Kirscher.