The full State Senate has approved a resolution urging New Jersey's financial institutions to make financial assistance readily available to individual property owners, businesses, and local governmental units affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Damaged home in Seaside Park following Hurricane Sandy (Governor's Office, Tim Larsen)

This assistance could help quickly and efficiently facilitate the rebuilding of the homes, businesses, and governmental infrastructure of this State that were devastated by super-storm Sandy.

State Senator Jeff Van Drew co-sponsors the measure. He explained what kind of help he's hoping for. "Whether they're zero-interest loans (or) low-interest loans to make sure that credit is temporarily available. We want to get people's houses rebuilt as quickly as possible, repaired as quickly as possible."

Van Drew said unfortunately it has become clear that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Small Business Administration can't help everyone and often times it takes quite a while for those who are eligible to get the help they need.

"New Jersey banks gotta be in the mix here," explained Van Drew. "They have to be willing and able partners. They shouldn't lend money irrationally or irresponsibly. Nobody is asking that.  We're all in this together. We really are and we have to help the businesses, the individuals (and) the families."

The last sentence in the resolution's statement reads, "In the wake of the unprecedented destruction of the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, this resolution calls upon the State's banking and lending industry to respond quickly and compassionately to the needs of its citizens in the face of this unparalleled catastrophe."