Tomorrow, the state will release the unemployment figures for July. New Jersey's jobless rate has outpaced the national average for months and analysts expect that to be the case for last month as well.

Many of the Garden State's long-time unemployed are also starting or about lose their extended unemployment insurance benefits. Today, Assemblyman Anthony Bucco will unveil a unique new tool to help those seeking work.

Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Hal Wirths will join Bucco at his district office in Randolph to introduce a job search kiosk that is linked into the state's 'Jobs4Jersey' outreach program. The online program is a one-stop career center that provides valuable tools, tips and information for job seekers to help them obtain employment by matching their skills with positions best suited for them.

"Sometimes we take it for granted that everybody has access to a computer and that may not necessarily be the case," explains Bucco. "My staff has also been trained on how to use this system so they'll be able to provide assistance as well."

Jobs4Jersey utilizes the OnRamp job search tool which provides a job-seeker with several options to: Upload an existing resume into OnRamp: with the added ability to have the system analyze, enhance and refine your resume; Build a resume: OnRamp asks the job-seeker a series of simple questions through which the system creates a resume complete with job function descriptions and personal skills; Real-time job matching: once a job-seeker's resume is complete in OnRamp, job postings matching the job-seeker's skills and qualifications are automatically sent to an applicant via email; and Real-time job search: users can actively search all job postings with various search options."

"Providing constituents with another resource to access information about training programs and job openings is an important part of an elected official's responsibility," explains Bucco. "Hopefully, my colleagues in the Legislature will consider a similar partnership with Commissioner Wirths and his department in providing another venue that helps people find work in this difficult economy."

Bucco says the service will be made available to any Jerseyan looking for work not just constituents in his district.

The Jobs4Jersey kiosk is accessible during the district office's operating hours, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For directions and more information call 973-927-2526. All job seekers can access the search site online.