Laurie Garrison, Executive Director of the Monmouth County SPCA says the economy has caught up with a lot of people and they are getting a record number of cats coming in.

"We have had a record number of people come to us and say they are living in their car or they have lost their homes and its upsetting because people have to give up their loved family member because of financial problems," says Garrison.

She says they are also working with several towns to address the huge stray cat population.

"I'm trying to figure out other ways to encourage people to trap, neuter and release because we've got to get the cats that are out there spayed and neutered as quickly as possible," says Garrison.

She says right now they have 541 cats, 443 at the shelter and 98 in foster care. The facility is only designed to comfortably hold 350 cats. She says from January first to October 31st they took in 1,962 cats compared to 1,683 at that time last year.

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