Rutgers Camden would like you to believe its new tuition break for students of certain economic backgrounds is "free," but it's really money coming from you and me.

The school's “Bridging the Gap” program gives students who are graduating from high school in 2016 and who are U.S. citizens and residents of New Jersey some major discounts on a college education. For example, if you come from a family that makes $60,000 or less annually, RU will cover all of your tuition costs along with the general campus fee.
Already graduated Rutgers Camden? If you have student loan debt during and after graduating from Rutgers-Camden, you could see a reduction or elimination of this debt under this plan as well.
Don't get too excited though.
Erica Jedynak, the New Jersey state director of Americans for Prosperity and former Rutgers grad student called in to explain why this isn't really a freebie.
"Who doesn't want to go to college for free?" said Jedynak on the state university's offer. "I'd love to go back for my Masters at a very low cost. But frankly, someone has to pay for it at the end of the day. And economically speaking, I think this is why some of the tuition rates are going up, because you have government subsidies and loans contributing."
I agree with Erica. The government should be creating a tax structure that frees people to invest in education instead of forcing them to pay for the decisions of others. We should stop trying to fit every kid into the college mold and promote the trades, as well as other career routes.

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