One man's trash is another man's treasure. An Oregon man sold an old shoe he found in a trash pile that could be one of the first prototypes of a Nike shoe to a collector for 1500. 


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jeff Wasson, who says he was given the shoe in 2010 by Tom Bowerman, one of the sons of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, sold it for $1,500 to Jordan Geller, who owns hundreds of original Nike shoes housed in his ShoeZeum in California.

Wasson, who works for an Oregon utilities company, frequently visited the house of Phil Knight's business partner Bill Bowerman, who died in 1999, for meter readings. In 2010, he was asked by Tom Bowerman to help take down some trees around the property. It was on that day that Tom found in one of his father's buried trash piles one of the original waffle irons his father used to devise Nike's first soles.

Nike not only revolutionized sneakers but defined a generation. For many growing up you were what you wore.

I found some of my favorite old sneaker commercials on YouTube, you can check them out below.

"Colonel Keds"

"PF Flyers"

Converse Commercial w/ Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

"Mars Blackman" with Michael Jordan for Nike Air Jordans

When I was growing up in Union City, you were defined on the playground by what sneakers you wore. What were your lucky sneakers growing up?