Anyone that knows me or hears me knows that I’m a die hard New York Giants fan. My family has had season tickets since 1969. I once sat in a dunk talk outside Lincoln Financial Field in a Plaxico Burress jersey allowing Eagles fans to drown me to raise money for breast cancer. My wife Deneen is a survivor.

During the course of my time in the stadium, I have screamed at my team when they stunk in the seventies, argued with fans of both the Giants and the opposition,even got into a few fights way back when. Luckily I have never been thrown out of the stadium.


Now there’s a new rule throughout the NFL that any fan who gets ejected from the stadium has to take a 4 hour online course, which they will pay for, before they are permitted back into the facility.


So what happens if you skip the course and try to get back in? You could be arrested for trespassing. How will they even know that you are trying to do that? Ray DiNunzio the NFL’s director of Strategic Security tells ESPN the monitoring will vary but at some point could involve facial recognition!


What happens if you’re a season tickets holder who invested thousands of dollars in tickets and personal seat licenses and you refuse to take and pay for the 4 hour online course? I called Metlife Stadium whose security director Daniel DeLorenzi along with Dr Ari Novick designed the course and was told by Nicole Fountain the manager of the Executive office and media relations that they do not comment on hypothetical questions. I responded by saying “I don’t really see how being thrown out of a stadium and refusing to take and pay for their course effects your tickets as being hypothetical.”


Last year approximately 7,000 people were ejected from NFL stadiums. How many more will there be this year and what for? If each online course is $100 that almost three quarters of a million dollars coming into the league.


It’s bad enough the NFL charges you thousands of dollars for the “license” to buy tickets, now if they throw you out, not only do you have to pay to get back in, you must also be punished with a 4 hour online course.  Why don’t they just make you write on the team blackboard 100 times “I will not act up at the game?” It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when my simple question is discussed in court by a fan who turns my “hypothetical” into a reality.

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