It was a story that fell under the radar, but marked a radical change in stance for the National Football League.

According to an Associated Press report, the NFL sent a memo to its 32 teams on Thursday, notifying them that they will begin allowing gambling-related advertising, with many restrictions, of course.

The change in policy, which was based on a review of how other pro sports are handling the same issue, will come on a local level for the NFL teams. Advertisements can appear in game programs, on local radio broadcasts, and in parts of teams' stadiums.

No players or team employees can have any part in these advertisements, nor can the ad make any reference or have any relation to sports betting. As well, all ads must have a responsible gambling message, with advertisers agreeing to pony up for the league's gambling education fund.

While this may not sound like a major modification, it reflects a changing of sentiment across the nation. While the NFL will always distance itself from sports betting, this shows an acknowledgement of the booming gaming industry across the nation.

More and more states are building their own casinos, so clearly the NFL is looking to tap this growing market.

This is an issue that will continue to evolve and face landscape changes, but Thursday the NFL made their first acknowledgement.