This was one of the most action-packed news weeks in recent memory, from Dharun Ravi's sentencing to breaks in the case of Etan Patz, and ending with the Devils return to the Stanley Cup Finals.  We recap it all.

A Sentence Is Handed Down

All news took a back seat on Monday to the sentencing of Dharun Ravi, in the Rutgers webcam case.  The 30-day sentence made national headlines, and basically dominated the news cycle for48 hours.

But, other important things did take place on Monday under the radar.  A measure that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot moved forward in Trenton.

Dan Alexander wrote a great recap of last weekend's Bamboozle Festival.


As previously mentioned, the Ravi sentence and reaction to it still topped the news on Tuesday. The sentence drew mixed reaction from the Rutgers campus, while both the prosecution and defense plan an appeal.

The rhetoric began picking up in Trenton, as we hit the crazy part of budget season.  The Assembly Budget boss says a tax cut compromise is possible. Meanwhile, a bill to allow mobile gaming in Atlantic City moved forward.

Atlantic City drew some negative press after a Monday broad daylight stabbing left two Canadian tourists dead right in the center of the city.

Peek-A-Boo Gone Awry

A story broke on Wednesday, along with a disturbing video, of a toddler being put into washing machine at a Camden laundromat.  It was original thought the "game" gone wrong was between father and son, but we later learned new developments as the week went on.

Kevin McArdle took a look into the financial health of the state of New Jersey.

While Atlantic City was getting prepped for the start of the tourist season and the open of Revel, violence and beach closures weighed down the expectations.

Gloves Come Off In Trenton

Thursday opened with recapping the soap opera that played out in Trenton on Wednesday.  Kevin McArdle and David Matthau had the pulse of the action, as Governor Christie ranted against Trenton Democrats, at the same time that the OLS Budget Analyst was picking apart his revenue projections.

And of course, Christie railed against him too.  The video is at the end of the story.

There was an update on that bizarre Camden washing machine incident.

As Thursday went on, details emerged about a major break in the 33 year old case of the disappearance of Etan Patz.

Cracking The Case Of Etan Patz

Friday began with the newest developments in the Etan Patz story, with a Maple Shade man signing a written confession and admitting it all.

We recapped Governor Christie's Thursday visit to Atlantic City, where he tried to calm worries about violence in the city and also proclaimed that sports betting would be in AC by fall, despite a federal ban.

In advance of the holiday weekend, the winners of the annual NJ Best Beaches contest were announced.

And after our news day had ended on the air Friday, the New Jersey Devils took down the Rangers in an overtime thriller at the Rock to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

And two non-news stories to close with for the holiday weekend. We have put together a list of secret family BBQ recipes from the staff at NJ 101.5 for you to enjoy.  Hat tip to Leanne Vuksanic for organizing the whole thing, and hope everybody gets good use out of them for Memorial Day and beyond.

Finally, our Brand Manager, Eric Johnson, and Don Tandler compiled a list of "Jersey's Favorite Summer Hits" to play all weekend.

That wraps up an extremely busy week from our newsroom in Trenton.  You can check out the daily happenings with my "From The Newsroom" blog.

The two videos of the week were mentioned above, the Camden laundromat incident, as well as Governor Christie's epic rant.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Courtesy Governor's Office