A look into an extremely busy mid-June week of news at NJ 101.5  From more swimming tragedies to Dharun Ravi's release from prison to the state budget battle and Jerry Sandusky's verdict, we recap it all.

Chaos at the shore

The week opened with a batch of stories at the previous weekend from the shore, including the closure of some LBI beaches because of medical waste washing up, a late Sunday night swim rescue in Atlantic City, and another distress call with no boat turning up.

Kevin McArdle examined the war of words between Governor Christie and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, along with the chances of a government shutdown.

Disturbing new data reveals how many teens have contemplated suicide at some point or another.

The Ravi Release

Tuesday continued with the morning release of Dharun Ravi from jail, after he served 20 days in prison.  There is still plenty to this case, as both sides have pending appeals.

A review of a measure that moves forward that toughen the penalties for using a cell phone in a car that causes an injury or death.

New Jerseyans brace for the impending heat wave.

The Red Light Camera Suspension

Wednesday's news was topped with a story that broke late on Tuesday, as it was announced that the controversial red light camera program would be suspended in most town while officials reviewed the timing of the cameras.  Kevin McArdle breaks down the affected towns and what it means, while Stacy Proebstle talked to local motorists.

Assembly Democrats touted that a budget plan would be on the Governor's desk by Monday.

We offered a survival guide for handling the heat wave.

more Tragedy At The Shore

On Thursday, the news opened with the tragic stories from Wednesday of two missing swimmers, with the searches suspended.

New Jersey residents discuss how they are handling the heat wave.

The Coast Guard announces a link between the Sandy Hook yacht hoax and a similar distress call in Texas.

A State House marathon session took place with the millionaires' tax at the center of some of the debate.

Budget Deals And The Sandusky Sentence

It was an unusual Friday in the newsroom.  A marathon session in Trenton was called earlier than expected, as Assembly Democrats were at odds on Thursday.

That meant that lawmakers met on Friday to hammer out a budget deal, which finally happened after Assemblyman Joe Cryan had led a group of lawmakers set to hold up the process.  We have an entire page devoted to everything going on with the budget that you can get caught up with.

Governor Christie held a rare Friday Town Hall, where he sounded off about the entire process.

In a verdict that came out late on Friday night, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 out of the 48 counts against him.  There is also a full page devoted to all of our stories on the trial that you can get up to speed with.

Friday was also full of treacherous storms throughout the state that led to damage and power outages.

The frequency of shore drownings leads to safety officials to issue new warning.

That caps a week with a full docket of news.  This week will come roaring out of the gates, as the Legislature is expected to vote on their budget plan and deliver it to the Governor, as the clock ticks to sign a new state budget.

You can recap our daily happenings with my "From The Newsroom" blog, which is posted daily.

We close with the video of the week.  This comes from the Mitt Romney campaign tour, where the former Massachusetts Governor struggled a bit with the name of a favorite New Jersey convenience store.