“"out of 588 school districts, we give 31 (former Abbott) districts 70 percent of the aid."

Their rating was mostly true – meaning a good chunk of your property tax dollars go to these economically disadvantaged districts to insure their students be provided a thorough and efficient education.

(Which is not the proper reading of the state’s Constitution, but that’s another matter.)

Turns out those hard earned dollars are not going to where they’re meant - meaning the classrooms of the district – but to the fattened buttocks of the administrators that serve these districts.

According to this report from NBC4NY – much of that money is being used for takeout food.

And adding insult to injury – the district is cutting back on facility maintenance, guidance counselors, and things like books.

According to a report on NBC News, Newark Teachers Union President Joe DeGrasso pointed out the following:

"While we in schools are living hand to mouth, the superintendent is out catering affairs," Del Grosso said.

Rodriguez said despite criticisms about stretched resources, she believes students have what they need to learn.

“Going into next year, our students will have what they need. That is our No. 1 priority.”

This could not come as any shock. A filmmaker by the name of Bob Bowden put together a piece entitled “The Cartel” outlining the waste inherent in many of these so called Abbott districts.

Money that’s meant “for the children” seems to go anywhere but.

And Newark, according to the above report, is just one glaring example.