Lets say that you're on your way to a very important business meeting. You're on heavily travelled Route 206, passing through Hillsborough Township (Somerset County) and your car suddenly explodes (a figure of speech), like on the "Simpsons." What do you do?

Soon, you'll be able to plunk down a few dollars for a used car, and continue on your way! For years, a (falling down) vacant house has sat on the corner of this busy highway, and the entrance to a residential neighborhood.  Suddenly, the house is gone, and the pavers are busy. Reliable sources tell me that a 3-car, mini, used car lot will soon be open for business.

Hillsborough Township is tough when it comes to zoning. There are former homes along this stretch of Route 206 that have been repurposed for  businesses: like a doctor or lawyer's office. How this parcel of land got rezoned from residential to commercial, for this type of use, we'll probably never know.  I'm sure the people in this quiet neighborhood can't wait for fluttering plastic banners, and lights ablaze into the night... I guess thats "progress."