There have been so many celebrity deaths in 2016 that artist Chris Barker was able to remake the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover using the images of those we lost.

Baker has been working on the concept for months but had to keep updating it because more celebrities kept dying.

The finished product, as they say, is "guaranteed to raise a smile." In fact, I think if the Fab Four were creating the album today, I have no doubt that many of these people would be on it, especially David Bowie.

Also among those featured, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Prince, in fact it's so recent that the album even includes George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

Since there are still a few more days left until 2017, hopefully Baker hasn't put it out too soon. Otherwise when you hear "I heard the news today, Oh Boy!" That could actually be him having to update.

Barker is hoping for all those who enjoy his creation to donate to a charity, suggesting the memorial fund for murdered MP Jo Cox.

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