The Judiciary is playing a critical role in providing mental health information for gun background checksThe Administrative Office of the Courts has developed CCATS, or the Civil Commitment Automated Tracking System, which will provide accurate and timely information to the New Jersey State Police when it comes to mental health of people who want to obtain firearms.

The State Police forwards the information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  The Judiciary already has forwarded to the State Police nearly 413,000 records of involuntary commitments or those cases in which judges have found mentally ill people to be dangerous to themselves or others.

So far, about 200 "hits" against CCATS data have occurred.  "I am proud of the work our staff has done to build the database and backload relevant case information so the New Jersey State Police can share the information with other law enforcement agencies," said Chief Justice Stuart Rabner.  "This database will help promote public safety not only in New Jersey, but in every state."