The majority of us like to kick off the day with a cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee gets you going and gives you a jump start to your day.  Then, there is another group of coffee drinkers, that go way beyond the scope of the casual java drinker.


According to a survey from Dunkin' Donuts and Career Builder, nearly half of all U.S. workers (46 percent) claim to be less productive without coffee. Even more telling, is the fact that of those surveyed who drink coffee, over 60 percent of them drink at least 2 cups of coffee per day.

The survey showed that scientists/lab technicians  drink the most cups of coffee per day.

Here is the entire list:

Professions that drink the most coffee:

1. Scientist/Lab Technician
2. Marketing/Public Relations Professional
3. Education Administrator
4. Editor/Writer
5. Healthcare Administrator
6. Physician
7. Food Preparer
8. Professor
9. Social Worker
10. Financial Professional
11. Personal Caretaker
12. Human Resources Benefits Coordinator
13. Nurse
14. Government Professional
15. Skilled Tradesperson (plumber, carpenter, etc.)


How many cups of coffee get your through your work day? Leave a comment below.