Here we go again! 

For months there’s been talk about Chris Christie possibly becoming Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential candidate – and the talk is continuing today.

On several occasions the Jersey Governor has played down that speculation, but this afternoon – amid new rumors that Christie is on Romney’s VP short list – he was asked if he’s being vetted for the position and Christie replied “I’m not going to answer any of those questions- those are questions for the Romney campaign…I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment and I won’t…you know there’s announcements to be made about all this stuff-  2 weeks ago I was definitely going to be the keynote speaker, now this morning I’m going to be the Vice President- tomorrow I may be nothing – who knows?”

He was quick to add “all this speculation occurs because Governor Romney is taking is time and being deliberative about all the choices that are key to the convention and to his campaign and hopefully for him, his future administration – so I’m just not going to talk about it – I think it’s most appropriate for the Romney campaign to discuss who they’re vetting, how they’re vetting, who’s in, who’s out – whatever they want to say that’s up to them, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to get involved in it.”

In the past Christie has said he wasn’t really excited about the prospect of being a Vice Presidential candidate, but if Mitt Romney calls him, he’ll take the call and listen very carefully about what’s being offered.