It's been almost eight months since Tropical Storm Irene pounded the Garden State.  Now, Jersey Central Power and Light is launching their new online information center to keep you one step ahead of all service interruptions.

During the August 2011 storm and after it moved offshore, thousands of residents were in the dark.  Literally - with no way of knowing when their service would be restored.  JCP&L Spokesman Ron Morano says the whole event was a learning experience for everyone involved.  He assures the public that a lack of information from their company won't happen again.

Morano explains "we spent the last eight months going over contingency plans to better communicate with the public and our ratepayers.  There are so many things to take into consideration but during our hearings, the consistent message everyone gave us was more transparency and greater accessibility to information whether there's a crisis or not.  This system will allow that."

The new information system allows customers to access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a high-tech and interactive web site.  It can be accessed on PC's, Mac's, smartphones, iPods, iPads, other tablets and just about any device with an internet or 3G connection.  The information is more robust than ever before.

Morano adds "the old map would tell you how many outages were around in a town.  It wasn't always 100 percent accurate.  The new site will be up to the minute and complete.  We will also be able to pinpoint the number of outages affecting your area down to the street.  There's also a component to let us know when you're having service problems and we can tell you when scheduled maintenance is happening."

Access the new and improved system here.