There's a new map out from of what each state has more of than any other state. It seems New Jersey never ceases to amaze in what it ranks #1 in.

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According to the map, New Jersey ranks #1 people who don't get divorced. With the cost of lawyers and fees in this state, is anyone surprised that people stay together? I'm curious if couple are really that happy together or has New Jersey made it too expensive, even to get divorced?

What other things would you rank NJ as #1 in? If I have my choices, I'd rank New Jersey first in attitude and mozzarella cheese! Where else can you go in the country to catch attitude and have some of the best cheese anywhere, right?

According to Estately, here's what every state ranks tops in. To see the map, click here.

ALABAMA—racist tweets


ARIZONA—U.F.O. sightings

ARKANSAS—hate groups

CALIFORNIA—People who brag on social media

COLORADO—unvaccinated children

CONNECTICUT—breast cancer

DELAWARE—registered sex offenders

FLORIDA—shark attacks

GEORGIA—panda bears

HAWAII—people who identify as LGBT

IDAHO—minimum wage workers

ILLINOIS—people who tip

INDIANA—apathetic voters

IOWA—lost chickens

KANSAS—pornography pageviews


LOUISIANA—people in prison

MAINE—boating accidents






MISSOURI—meth lab incidents

MONTANA—poorly paid first-year teachers

NEBRASKA—high school graduates

NEVADA—Facebook users

NEW HAMPSHIRE—student loan debt

NEW JERSEY—people who don’t get divorced

NEW MEXICO—mental illness

NEW YORK—lawyers

NORTH CAROLINA—snake bites

NORTH DAKOTA—farms / bars / golf courses

OHIO—potty mouths


OREGON—selling cigarettes to children

PENNSYLVANIA—listening to holiday music

RHODE ISLAND—illicit drug use

SOUTH CAROLINA—bad drivers

SOUTH DAKOTA—concealed carry permits


TEXAS—pet tigers

UTAH—regular church attendees

VERMONT—craft beer production

VIRGINIA – Private sector jobs funded by government

WASHINGTON – Property Crime

WEST VIRGINIA—deer-vehicle collisions

WISCONSIN—whooping cough

WYOMING—people who chew tobacco