A frequent complaint from Jersey business is burdensome regulation.

But a group started up by the Christie administration a little over a year ago says it's making progress on cutting red tape.

The Red Tape Review Commission, headed by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno issued its first annual report in February. John Galandak of the New Jersey Commerce and Industry Association is the Commission's business member. He says signifigant progress has been done.

Galandak says the beauty' of the Commission's structure is that it has bi-partisan input and a lot of transparency. There are four Commission members from the Legislature, two State Senators and two members of the Assembly, with one member from each body a Democrat and one member a Republican.

He says some red tape such as license renewals, can be simplified by moving to online operations or lengthening the license term. Other red tape needs a department head or legislative approval to sweep it aside. Galandak says some of it is just common sense. All of the actions that are being taken are built on the foundation of common sense principles.

Galandak says he would like to see a similar body established within the Federal Government to cut red tape from Washington for business. He says red tape, whether from Trenton or Washington, is a cost driver for a business as it tries to survive.

The Commision will hold a public meeting at Camden County College in Cherry Hill on April 24th.