Alan Kasper's purchase of pie (blueberry, peach and a pie with multiple berries)  at a farm stand over the weekend led to questions about New Jersey's new guidelines for selling home baked pies at farm stands.

Eric Thayer, Getty

Currently, according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's "Guide To Selling Safely At Farmer's Markets," states:

  • All Prepared Foods must be from an approved kitchen inspected by an appropriate federal agency (FDA or USDA) or a state or local health authority.
  • Private home kitchens cannot be used for preparing or storing products.
  • All pre-packaged foods must be properly labeled including the product name, name and address of distributor or processor, ingredient list (from most to least used) and product net weight.
  • Cream Pies must be refrigerated.
  • Pies must be sold in covered containers.

There are some exclusions to the law. Pies prepared in a home kitchen for a home day care center or a bed-and-breakfast are legal. They may also be sold at a church fair provided it is clearly marked & labeled.

The group New Jersey Bakeway, however, is trying to make changes in the law and is backing approval of Assembly Bill #1761 and  Senate Bill #93  which would allow for the "sale of home-baked goods under certain circumstances."

Assembly Bill #1761  unanimously passed the Assembly on May 20 by a 78-0 vote; the Senate bill will not come up for a vote until fall.