Despite lukewarm feelings over the Occupy Wall Street movement, most New Jersey voters want the protesting to continue.

A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll finds that nearly two-thirds of registered voters who are aware of the Occupy movement believe the protestors should be allowed to maintain their camps and demostrations. Only 23% say officials should shut down the camps and arrest those who will not leave.

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But, voters are less certain about the movement itself. Just 34 percent say they have a favorable impression of Occupy Wall Street, while 39 percent say their impression is unfavorable and 27 percent are not sure. At the same time, 54 percent say they are "part of the 99 percent" and 53 percent say the movement makes them hope things will change in America.

"I think over the last couple of weeks, the message has become more clearer and it's become much more focused on economic issues and that is striking a cord with Americans all over," said Poll Director David Redlawsk. "Despite the lukewarm feeling about the movement itself, the message is really beginning to resonate with New Jerseyans."

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According to the poll, half of Garden State voters are "very concerned" about the increasing income gap between the rich and the poor in the United States, while an additional 30 percent are "somewhat concerned." While 65 percent say taxes on the wealthy should be increased, 89 percent of those favoring the Occupy Wall Street movement want the rich to pay more. Still 57 percent who have an unfavorable impression towards the movement oppose tax increases for wealthy Americans.

"Most voters don't see the movement as anti-American," said Redlawsk. "Even if they aren't sure about whether they feel favorable or unfavorable about it, they still seem quite supportive of its efforts."