Politics in any state for any office is typically not without controversy. Accusations and innuendos fly as fast as the money from special interests. One race in particular has garnered national attention mainly because of the impact on President Trump's agenda and the controversial candidate who is likely to win.

The race for the U.S. Senate in Alabama for the seat formerly held by Republicans and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is up for grabs. The leading candidate is a Republican who happens to be the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. His name is Roy Moore and even though throughout his several decades long career he's never been accused of any improprieties (outside of his judicial rulings and decision which cause major controversy for him), he's under attack now.

Several women have come forward accusing Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual behavior, in one case with a 14-year-old. Immediately, most people cringe when hearing something like that. But the minute anyone takes a closer look, there's clearly more to the story. There's the fact the judge emphatically denies all the charges and then the reports of some allegations already shown to be completely false including the "banned from the mall" rumor. Clearly it's important to account for all the facts before rendering a judgement.

Roy Moore's expected election impacts us in NJ specifically because of the strengthened majority in the Senate to support President Trump's agenda. Governor-Elect Phil Murphy has made it a priority to bring in national issues and has declared that he intends to sue the feds over the tax plan. The next policy issue that will come after the tax plan passes through conference and is signed into law will be welfare and entitlement reform. Then health care again. We're in for quite a ride as the new governor has pledged to fight the President every step of the way. Hmm, thoughts of 2020 dancing in his head?

It's interesting that one of the few public voices to hit the national stage defending Judge Moore happens to be a listener in Monmouth County who served side by side with the judge in Vietnam, Bill Staehle. He gave a very articulate defense stating the fact that the allegations against Moore are conflicting and inconsistent. This speaks to a bigger issue of how anyone can be attacked on page one, but if they are found to be innocent and falsely accused, it's page 30.

If there's any role I play as a opinion maker it's to take up a controversial and uncomfortable issue and show the other side. At this point in nearly all of the allegations against politicians, there's only one side being presented and that is a disservice to our listeners.

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